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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why do I need a lawyer to do a Will?

2. Is it necessary to draw up Wills and trusts, now that the estate tax
isn’t a problem?

3. How much does a simple Will cost?

4. I live out of town. May I consult with you on the phone, to prepare papers for my relative in a nursing home in your area?

5. How long is the estate-planning process?

6. I get a lot of invitations to estate-planning “seminars” at my summer place across the country. Is it okay for a lawyer there to prepare my paperwork?”

7. What is a Special Needs Trust?

8. What if my biggest asset is the company that I own?

9. Does putting property in joint names avoid the need for Wills and trusts?

10. Aren’t trusts complicated and expensive, and don’t you need a bank or trust company to administer them?

11. I use on-line banking, Facebook and other social media, and e-mail, blogs and other Internet accounts. What happens to them if I become incapacitated or die?

12. Please explain the probate process in our area

13. I may need to go the divorce route, but I dread the household disruption, expense, and especially the impact upon the children. What are my options?

14. What if I just got a legal separation, how would that differ from a divorce?

15. What are the rules in my area concerning alimony and support, and property splits? Should I move somewhere else to improve my position?

16. Do you give presentations on these topics? What do you charge?